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Why Goat Yoga is Great for Corporate Events and Team Building

Get your team goat-ing with goat yoga! We all need a break from the office. Goat yoga is a great team-building experience. From lots of laughs to relaxation, goats are here for it all. Goat yoga has been the new hot topic for the past couple of years. Now, these small businesses have grown to host all sorts of private parties and events. But why goats? Well, these furry farm animals surprisingly love to snuggle and be around people. They also like to jump, so it's no surprise that during yoga class, they may hop on your back!

During class, they love to relax while you do yoga. They see it as nap time. Goats are a very reliable therapeutic animal. Many animal therapists are starting to use them in therapy settings like dogs. Having a herd of goats come to the office makes for a fun-loving environment and instantly removes all the stress from the day. Take your attention off work and put it towards the goats.

Trying something new and exciting is a great team-building experience. Everyone gets to do yoga together, which has many health benefits already. Adding in goats makes it even more fun and interesting.

3 Major Health Benefits Of Goat Yoga

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Everyone has a certain amount of stress in their lives and needs a break. Goat yoga has a misconception that it isn't relaxing because the goats will be "running around" the whole time or "in the way". Well, this isn't true at all. Goats love people and want to be cuddled and petted just like a dog. They also enjoy laying on your mat where you can use them as a pillow or foot bolster. Goats make great support animals while your relaxing your body and mind during the yoga session.

Reconnect with animals and nature

Spending the whole day inside or around busy streets in buildings isn't great for anyone's physical and mental health. Reconnecting with nature and animals is a perfect way to heal our bodies and minds.

Improves your workout routine

When life gets busy we don't have time to do everything we want to including work out. balancing fun time and exercise usually aren't two things that go together. With goat yoga, you get the best of both worlds. Get a great workout and laugh all while surrounded by goats.

Common Questions Answered

Can Men do goat yoga?

Goat yoga Is for everyone! We are an all-inclusive event that is a fun environment for all.

What kind of goats are they?

Common goat breeds used in goat yoga are the Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats due to their small size. Nature's Trail Yoga goats Nigerian Dwarf and have been doing goat yoga since they were 8 weeks old..

How much do they weigh?

They range in size. Our full-grown adults can be anywhere from 45-65 lbs and our babies are 5-10 lbs. The babies are the best for "goat on back" pictures since they are so light.

Is Goat Yoga messy?

Goats can be a little messy when they get excited and up from their naps but it's very easy cleanup and there is little to no smell. For indoor classes most goats have diapers on so they don't make a mess. For outdoor classes the goat manure is virtually orderless and very beneficial for the earth's soil.

Why Choose Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga is a heart-warming experience and a great way to connect with friends and co-workers. Everyone will share laughter and smiles all while getting fit with yoga & goats! Team building is important for any workplace and finding new unique bonding opportunities can be challenging. Goat yoga is a perfect event to bring your whole family to. Private events can be booked anytime we are not having our regularly scheduled classes.

Natures Trail Yoga offers goat yoga for both on location and traveling events. At our location you can connect with the outdoors and enjoy the tranquil scenery. From running waterfalls to tall Cyprus trees Nature's Trail Yoga is the perfect location to de-stress. Reconnecting with nature and animals allows you to let go of the everyday stresses of life.

Looking for goat yoga to come to you? No problem, Nature's Trail Yoga travels all over Illinois and the Chicago-land area. Contact us for a quote today and get your team goat-ing!

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