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Sip And Paint With Goats

Paint, Sip, & Cuddle a Goat!

Introducing the most delightful artistic experience you've ever had...


Picture this: You arrive at our charming countryside studio, where the ambiance is a delightful blend of a cozy cocktail lounge and a whimsical goat snuggle sanctuary.  For the first half-hour, it's all about mingling, sipping on your favorite cocktails, and snuggling with our adorable goat companions. They'll trot up to you with their mischievous grins, ready to exchange secret artistic inspirations. Once you've been thoroughly acquainted with your goat friends, it's time to don your artist's beret (metaphorically, of course) and pick up your paintbrush!  As you dive into your artistic journey, our resident goats will be your creative cheerleaders.

You'll find yourself immersed in a world of colors, laughter, and unexpected furry companionship. This class will be lead by a well expereinced artist who can help make your art come to life! Your canvas will gradually transform into a masterpiece with a hint of goat-inspired flair!

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