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Baby Goat Yoga

This all level 90 minute class allows you to connect with nature and lovable goats while enjoying all the health benefits of yoga and goat fun. 60 minutes of yoga will be taught by a certified yoga instructor while our mini & baby goats roam freely during the entire class. 30 minutes of goat fun will follow. Snap some selfies, sit by the waterfall or take a short nature walk with our mini & baby goats!

Yin & Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga is a passive, slow paced gem of a practice meant to complement more active forms of yoga and exercise. Postures (asanas) are held for longer periods to stretch and target both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. 

Restorative Yoga will calm and reset your entire body and mind to 0mph. The use of props will allow you to be completely comfortable and enable you to hold poses for a longer period of time. Benefits include deep passive stretching as well as physical and mental balance to help prevent stress and anxiety.

Traveling Goat Yoga

Do you have a property, business or venue you'd like to have us book for Goat Yoga? We carry insurance covering all our goat yoga activities and love offering this memorable experience at new and exciting places. 

*Class includes goats, fencing, certified yoga instructor, yoga mats & props. 


Here's what our Goat Yogis are saying...

"What a great class!! Very relaxing and lots of fun!! Great experience with the baby goats. Definitely looking forward to the next class!"

Lidia - Tinley Park, IL


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