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Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL

Nature’s Trail Yoga offers Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL 60120, 60175, 60170, Winfield, Illinois, Bolingbrook, IL, West Chicago, IL, Boulder Hills, IL, Oak Park, Illinois, Itasca, IL, Aurora, IL, Melrose Park, IL, Naperville, Illinois, Westchester, IL and Schaumburg, IL. Goat Yoga, led by Michele Apps, takes place in Orland Park, IL 60462 on a picturesque 5-acre plot of land that is family owned. Michele holds Goat Yoga and Baby Goat Yoga classes for all different kinds of people and events. Nature’s Trail Yoga is proud to sponsor Goat Yoga bridal shower parties, Baby Goat Yoga corporate events for employees and employers, bachelorette Goat Yoga parties Chicago, IL, cancer patient Goat Yoga sessions (Michele Apps has her Yoga 4 cancer certificate now to host these classes), team bonding Goat Yoga Orland Park, IL and high school sports teams Baby Goat Yoga classes. Just contact Nature’s Trail Yoga for more details about Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL and how you can schedule your Goat Yoga session online.

Goat Yoga can be one of many methods that you incorporate into your life to reduce stress. Everyone goes through stress in life; some people have chronic stress while other go through periods of augmented stress. In general, stress within itself is one of the biggest killers. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, severe anxiety, insomnia and numerous other unhealthy life conditions. Doctors recommend a good diet combined with exercise to battle the negative elements of stress and create well-being and increased human endorphin levels. Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL, Chicago, IL, Batavia, Illinois, Arlington Heights, IL, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, Willowbrook, IL, La Grange, IL and Evergreen Park, IL from Nature’s Trail Yoga is another way to take stress levels head on and increase your endorphin levels.

Endorphin is a brain chemical, known as a neurotransmitter, that acts on opiate receptors within the brain. Now, think of the good feeling people get when they are injected with morphine for pain relief or when you are given a prescription for painkillers to take away surgical pain. These drugs have a specific purpose, but some people unfortunately become addicted to these substances, especially when used for long periods of time. You don’t need high level opioid medicines to achieve a “good feeling” high. You can release your own natural endorphins through Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL via Nature’s Trail Yoga by Michele Apps. Other ways to augment these chemicals include sex, laughing, meditation, working out at the gym, succulent foods, such as chocolates, or other pleasurable delights, massages and more. Nature’s Trail Yoga offers yoga students, both new and repeat, the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle in addition to other positive things you are doing to increase endorphins in your body. Contact us for more details about Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL, Downers Grove, IL 60516, Bedford Park, IL and Oak Lawn, IL.

Michele Apps and her Goat Yoga instructors can tell you more about Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL located within the Village of Orland Park, Illinois. Nature’s Trail Yoga also offers Traveling Goat Yoga classes at your specific location. You and other students can learn more about us through the Nature’s Trail Goat Yoga website. Now is the time to change your life with the new concept of Goat Yoga and Baby Goat Yoga Orland Park, Illinois. Michele Apps and her fuzzy friends are ready to bring a smile on your face with Goat Yoga near Elgin, IL, Villa Park, IL, Elmhurst, Illinois and Evanston, IL today!

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