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Outdoor Goat Yoga Classes in Orland Park, IL

Nature’s Trail Yoga would like to introduce you to outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL hosted by Michele McGovern Apps or one of her certified trained yoga instructors. Yoga now has a novel twist to it with the rise of Goat Yoga classes and Baby Goat Yoga classes Chicago, IL, Country Club Hills, IL, Palos Park, IL, Joliet, Illinois, Alsip, IL, Evanston, IL, Hazel Crest, IL and Schaumburg, Illinois. Classes are held within an outdoor serene environment that promotes mental and physical health. Live goats wander about as the class is taking place, and these little ones tend to be over affectionate to all participating students engaging in outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL. While the art of yoga is being carried out by a Nature’s Trail Yoga instructor, live young goats will move in your direction and towards other students augmenting good feeling through love. These goats may rest by your side in peace while you are doing your yoga class or even rub their heads and bodies against you in a very affectionate manner. All of this leads to positive thinking amongst Goat Yoga students, especially if you are an animal lover.

Outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL from Nature’s Trail Yoga is a very new concept that is taking the country by storm. Michele McGovern Apps has an ideal setup for Goat Yoga classes Chicago, IL to take place. She hosts her outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL on a family-owned 5 acre stunning plot of land. Fencing is put in place for the goats so they don’t stray too far away from the property, and live props and yoga mats will be provided for any class that you sign up for through the Nature’s Trail Yoga website. More and more people are experiencing profound fun by taking outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL via Nature’s Trail Yoga. If you are interested in yoga and willing to let your mind and body go a bit further in terms of allowing yourself to take part in outdoor yoga classes with live baby goats, then you should definitely give Goat Yoga classes a try.

Anyone from the Chicagoland region or Northwest Indiana area can contact us to schedule their outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL. We even offer customized Goat Yoga classes via our Traveling Goat Yoga setup. Nature’s Trail Yoga will come out to your country club location or property to host a Goat Yoga class for you, your family and your friends. We get lots of inquiries from females to set up a fun outdoor Goat Yoga class as part of their Bachelorette party. Please contact Nature’s Trail Yoga for pricing and how we set up things at your location for you to experience the most fun Goat Yoga Chicago, IL, Harvey, IL, Glenview, IL, Midlothian, IL, Burr Ridge, IL and Elgin, IL. Outdoor Goat Yoga classes in Orland Park, IL, hosted by Nature’s Trail Yoga, is waiting for you to take part in something new and special that is bound to promote stability in your life and stress reduction. Contact us for more details today.

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