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Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL

Baby Goat Yoga is one of the latest new trends that is reshaping the larger yoga community. This type of yoga introduces live young baby goats into the yoga class. Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL, Lockport, Illinois, Chicago, IL, Shorewood, IL, Orland Park, IL, Bolingbrook, IL, Woodridge, IL, Aurora, IL and Tinley Park, IL is headed by Nature’s Trail Yoga and led by certified yoga instructor and musician Michele McGovern Apps. Michele has a profound love for nature and all of its splendor, and she realizes what Baby Goat Yoga classes do in terms of stimulating mental health and physical well-being when it comes to your mind and body. Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL from Nature’s Trail Yoga are outdoor (and sometimes indoor) yoga classes held on a 5 acre family plot of land that offers spectacular scenery and beauty. You can contact us through this website to get more information about Baby Goat Yoga classes and events that we host.

Even though Baby Goat Yoga is new, the concept of using animals for stress relief and relaxation is not novel. Many of us own dogs, cats and other animals that make for great companionship. Even studies have shown that animal owners who stroke their beloved pets show signs of reduced heartrate and stress levels. Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL, Plainfield, Illinois, Evanston, IL, Mokena, Illinois, Arlington Heights, IL, Goodings Grove, IL, Lemont, IL, Darien, IL and Schaumburg, Illinois is something that anyone from the greater Chicagoland area can sign up for through the Nature’s Trail Yoga website. We also provide Traveling Goat Yoga classes where a trained certified yoga instructor comes out to your property or country club location to host a Baby Goat Yoga class. We bring all of the necessary materials to you site for the class including yoga mats for students, fencing for our young furry friends and props for your yoga class. Nature’s Trail Yoga has full insurance so there is no need to worry about if something gets damaged, and this typically does not happen since our Baby Goats are highly intelligent and well mannered. Please check out all options regarding Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL today from Nature’s Trail Yoga.

Michele McGovern Apps also leads Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes. These variations in the types of yoga class conducted are aimed to give students more diversity and choices when it comes to choosing the right Nature’s Trail Yoga class. Moreover, we can also do customized yoga classes if you are looking into our Traveling Goat Yoga options, and of course (as already mentioned) we offer different types of yoga for interested students besides our Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL, Frankfort, IL, Oak Park, Illinois, Channahon, IL, Crest Hill, IL, Oak Lawn, IL and New Lenox, IL. Please get in touch with Nature’s Trail Yoga to learn about our unique yoga class options and to sign up for the coolest and latest trend: Baby Goat Yoga near Joliet, IL.

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