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Goat Yoga Classes near Oak Lawn, IL

Nature’s Trail Yoga offers Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL, Justice, IL, Orland Park, IL, Hickory Hills, Illinois, Chicago Ridge, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Chicago, IL, Crestwood, IL and Oak Park, IL. Michele McGovern Apps is a certified yoga instructor and popular flute artist Chicago who is proud to introduce you and other Chicagoland residents to the concept of Goat Yoga and Baby Goat Yoga. Classes surrounding these types of new trend yoga features live young baby goats that interact with students during and after the class. These young goats are extremely extroverted creatures with lots of love to offer to all Goat Yoga students. Some will rest by your side as you are doing various body poses during your yoga class from Nature’s Trail Yoga while others roam about from one student to another spreading their love and adorable personalities. Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL via Nature’s Trail Yoga is a very unique option that many people do not know about.

Not only does Nature’s Trail Yoga sponsor Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL, Bridgeview, Illinois, Arlington Heights, IL, Palos Heights, IL, Elgin, Illinois, Worth, IL and Evanston, IL, but you can also sign up for Yin Yoga classes and Restorative Yoga sessions with Michele McGovern Apps or another certified trained Nature’s Trail Yoga instructor. Feel free to ask all of the questions that you desire through this website. Just go into the contact us section to get online responses or give us a call at the phone number listed on the Nature’s Trail Yoga website. Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL are held on a five acre family owned plot of land within the Orland Park, IL area that provides marvelous natural scenery and a positive thinking atmosphere for all Chicagoland yoga students.

Besides our Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL, we also offer Traveling Goat Yoga sessions. We will be happy to schedule and come out to your Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana location to host a Goat Yoga class or a Baby Goat Yoga class or another customized option of your choosing. Just let us know more about your specific needs, how many people you are expecting to attend the off-site class and what we can do for you in terms of Goat Yoga class pricing. Nature’s Trail Yoga and Michele McGovern Apps are excited to let you explore the magic and health benefits that Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, Hinsdale, IL and Burbank, IL provides.

The Nature’s Trail Yoga website will also introduce you to our assistant yoga instructors, which include our baby goats who participate in the class. After a Goat Yoga session Chicago, IL you will have the freedom to interact with the baby goats on the property. You can take great pictures to post to Facebook for all to enjoy regarding your Nature’s Trail Yoga experience and our Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL. This also helps our business since there is the possibility that your Facebook friends and family may sign up for a Goat Yoga class with us. Contact Nature’s Trail Yoga today to learn all about our Goat Yoga classes near Oak Lawn, IL!

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